DM-BlackRock versão Final

Name: DM-BlackRock
Version: Final
Compatibility: Last path+Titan pack
Description: The future of mankind controls much of the solar system, tracking the planets, and the traffic of ships, the black rock station is located in nizion planet, and this station is responsible for monitoring the traffic of ships, the rebels try tirelessly nizion dominate the planet, and that stay the war a long years, meaning that those who go to black rock, probably not return....
Comments: this map in its early versions, was inspired by the map DM-fraggyard (Quake 4), after several observations, added more lights modified the light from the sky leaving a light and heavier by the end added a few cannons on top of the mountain (for mere decoration ).
corrected the problem of the jump pad (now the head of the player is not knocked over the roof hahaha) corrected the problem some sounds that were bothering ..
I hope you like it, embrace to all




Credits:me (aka symphonyhell).. my friend lucio ( aka egresso) epic games for nice game and nice editor .. 3d max nice progam.. CG textures , Sci-Fi 3d .com (models of star wars ..nice site ! ) and all my friends who support me in this project..
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